americanghost (americanghost) wrote in u_c_b,



i'm going to halloween horror nights OCT 16&17 you want to go let me know cause the hotel is $15 and the tix are $30 if we order before OCT 1st...... (i need the $ by the 27th. )


tell bump and dylan.

oh yea, and i am off the last 2 weekends in oct. i want to go on a fing roadtrip..... st. augustine, tallahasse, Dali muesem... whatthefuckever.

i said holla.
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the hotel is 15??
im down
ucb takeover in halloween horror nights.

we need to be in full force for this people.
i don't think going out of town will ever be full force
we are never full force locally
if everyone is going [well mostly everyone] let me know and i will see if i can take off. 45 is REALLY cheap. but i'm not 100% on if i can get off.
see now if you can get off.
i fucking love halloween horror nights.
and i really want to go.
and yea, 45 is really cheap..

justin, we dont have to s any d's for this price do we?