americanghost (americanghost) wrote in u_c_b,

pool basketball all stars

Hey kids,

thanks to all that came to my shindig....i had a blast and the kids from 516 love y'all.... hopefully next bbq all of UCB will be present...from 954, 561 and even NH....

... and then we will have THE ultimate pool basketball game.

rock on and keep it real.

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you have super nice friends. i was all nervous, cos im a tard when meeting people. but i had a blast. i only wish we were there earlier. thanks for having us.
yes, i am lucky to have friends like you and them. you all made my day. i am really glad you guys came out and had a good time. it is always my pleasure to have you all over.

i cant wait for yours!
I hope so too man <3
will we see you 2 maybe @ xmas time?
not sure yet. Jake says, "What am I fucking Santa Clause?"
I wish, that would be too great. (he's kidding)
Anyway hopefully we can get some money to go, I think I have a long time off school but as for work...begh
...oh jesus...


i know how it is. money and work suck....but still, if you guys cam up, that would be rad ....
your friends were awesome. tell bill and erica to go to talia's bbq.....
i have the best friends in the world. from everywhere. i am seriously, mothafuckin lucky.

and i will invite them.