Black Heart Breaking (whatweworkedfor) wrote in u_c_b,
Black Heart Breaking


UCB girl shorts are going to be made soon :)

i just ordered us some black sofee shorts and we are going to be customizing them. my question is do we use iron-ons or fabric paint? which do you think will last long?
i have two ideas but we'll discuss them in person. we could possibly do both ideas but one may not be such a good idea. hahah holla back!

oh! and if you have any ideas let me know :)
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i say UCB on one cheek then 954 on the other. simple and bad ass!!!!!! we need shirts as well. did you already order the showrts? how much were they if they did the words there? holla
didnt you say ucb across the back, and 954 on like, the bottom front left of the shorts?
we did talk about that but if we do it that way the c will rub off super fast putting both on the butt will work best....we are gonna try to do the bobomb on the front.
good call.
did you see if you can take off the 16 & 17??